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Trending: Mustard for Fall

Incase you haven’t noticed, mustard is a staple color this fall season. 

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Going from Bed to Street

Come on guys, I know you can feel me when I say certain sweatpants are pretty awesome!

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For the Guy who’s a Sailor at Heart

Some guys enjoy fishing more than anything in the world, this is their outfit, with a modern flare of course. In order to repurpose my jeans, I rolled the legs through the inside to turn them into what looks like capris. Perfect for hot days when jeans are too hot, but you don’t have shorts as an option. While an anchor graphic t is cliche, it fits the mode, and so do boat shoes, because nothing says nautical more than boat shoes. Adding my pineapple snapback was just for fun and my backpack is multi functional to carry essentials and adding a final accessory. This may not be best for deep sea fishing, but for roaming around town while docked. You’re set for getting some compliments. 

I landed in Paris last night and just like that my summer is officially over. It’s chilly here, but feels quite amazing to be back in such a beautiful city! I have a week of meetings set up between hanging out with my friends. I’m looking forward to seeing Paris in Fall. :)

Outfit Credits:
Shirt: Organik/ Jeans: Express/ Shoes: Sperry’s/ Hat: Qilo/ Watch: Smile Q&Q/ Cuff: Giles & Brother/ Backpack: American Eagle

photographer: Adam

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One Last White Outfit Before Labor Day 

In the states we all use Labor Day as a date for many things (back to school, end of summer, extended last weekend to party in Hamptons), but in fashion it’s declaring the last day to wear white jeans or in my case shorts. Though this “rule” is a bit ridiculous and I don’t abide by it, I will for the sake of this post and anyone that believes it’s blasphemous to wear white after Labor Day (because of course, duh, summer is ovah). Anyways, white outfits can of course be fresh and lots of fun to contrast pastel colors against. Either it be blue like me, or yellow, red, green, or even purple. There are a lot of possibilities how white can be worn and fit perfectly for the last BBQ’s, pool parties, picnics, or rooftop extravaganzas you may have with this last week of freedom. Just remember you are wearing white, and they do stain extremely easy. I’m quite clumsy, so I’m shocked that I’ve worn these shorts more than three times already and they still live to be worn again. 

In other none Labor Day news, I wanted to apologize again for not having any outfit posts from Barcelona for the last two weeks. As I mentioned I haven’t been able to find a proper photographer here and it was quite nice to fully embrace holiday on the beach. Luckily though, one of my best friends from the states decided to visit Barcelona and we’ve had a blast shooting photos these past couple of days. So don’t worry, there will be steady outfit photos to come (though none will help the transition to fall until I get to Paris). :)

Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: DotBK/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Shoes: Soludos/ Watch: Daniel Wellington/ Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley/ Bracelet: George Frost

photographer: Adam

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Mastering Black Attire in Sunny Barcelona 

I’ve said it before, black during the summer months can be a sweating death sentence. Though sometimes there are situations such as a elegant dinner or a club that requires black clothing and you have suck it up knowing you’ll be sweating more than you’d actually like. This is where I am here to help keep your outfit simple, and as most comfortable possible. Which can be easily done with three simple pieces. This first is crucial, having a light fabric havana style shirt (with or without print, but common, flamingos are cute ;). Second is of course black jeans that can be rolled up for some ankle breathing room, and the third is a comfortable pair of sneakers or chucks in my case. Then BAM, you have a comfortable black outfit for any tropical location either it be Barcelona, Ibiza, Miami, or Mykonos.

As I’m sure you can tell in my face on this day only shooting around my neighborhood, I was having another glistening moment. But was happy to be able to show my neighborhood (El Raval) that I have come to really love with all of it’s tiny ancient winding roads and historic squares. It was a real delight trying to capture the essence of the city in these photos. A place I am having a wonderful time and looking forward to another exciting weekend. I hope you all are enjoying your summer too!! 

Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: Handsom Me/ Jeans: Paige/ Shoes: Converse/ Watch: Daniel Wellington/ Cuff: Giles & Brothers

photographer: Lucia 

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