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Packing Tips for the Urban Fashionisto

These are some packing tips for when you have a 7 day vacation in St. Barts and you can’t imagine life without your entire S/S wardrobe. In fear that you may forget that one extra tight Marc Jacobs swimming trunk at home. 

  • Always start with your largest items. You never want to force heavy items on top of your clothes, that will cause wrinkles. And nobody likes wrinkled clothes! 
  • When packing shoes, don’t forget you can fit smaller items inside the shoes. This helps when you’re searching for space to squeeze your briefs, accessories, or smaller liquids. 
  • For the more formal man, make sure to place your ties inside a separate box before packing. This will help them from getting wrinkled as well, or just plane bent out of shape. 
  • Just incase you have to head to the beach as soon as you land, pack your suitcase in pre-planned outfit. This will help you to be able to unzip and go straight from the hotel room. Making sure to leave a little extra room for options though, just incase you feel in a different mood than when you planned it. 
  • Lastly, a golden rule to make sure your cologne makes it there with it’s head on. Keep your boxes when you purchase them just for when you’re traveling. This will help you be able to secure your precious scent with it. 

Those are my top 5 tips for the urban traveling fashionisto. Always keep them in mind when you’re packing. They can save you a lot of time and packing, possibly even making the experience more enjoyable. 

Need any other advice? Don’t be afraid to ask. Packing Example.