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Q&A Interview with Brad GoreskiBorn to be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far

With the release of Brad’s new book, Born to be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far. I couldn’t pass up the chance to ask him a few questions via email to give all of his readers/fans/follwers/instagram lovers an inside view on life beyond his newest book. Sit back and enjoy a quick inside session with the man of the hour, Brad Goreski.

BluePerk: What are you most excited to hear back from your readers in your new biography, Born to Be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far?

I’m most excited to hear that people are inspired to go after their dreams. I hope that my book demonstrates that you can get whatever you want out of life if you work hard and believe in yourself.

BP: Without having an assistant or clients when you first started on your own, how have you come from there to your current situation as a stylist?

I always believed that my business would pick up. I wasnt sure when, but I knew at some point it would. I think you always have to have hope and a positive attitude even when it doesnt seem that things are going your way.

BP: As stated on your show you want to prove yourself as a stylist beyond your unique preppy flare, where do you see the evolution of your style heading?

My style continues to evolve I think. Color has been very important in my wardrobe recently. I think there is more of an aspect of dressing up now, which I love. It makes me smile

BP: With your constant travel between NY and LA, do you ever foresee yourself making the leap of residency to NY with Gary?

You never know. I love my home in LA and nothing beats the weather…Im not sure I could survive an NY winter.

BP: Now that you have proven yourself on countless projects that you’re capable of styling men, women, and giving advice. Where do you see yourself headed as a stylist- what is next on Brad’s agenda to conquer?

Im really loving being on a book tour for Born to Be Brad and meeting so many people from different cities in the US.

BP: Bonus Question: What is the first thing you can’t wait to do after the chaos of Fashion Week and the Oscars die down?

Laying down on the couch under a blanket with my dogs and catching up on TV.

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