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#NYFW Day 7

Blazer: c/o M 151/ Shirt: H&M/ Shorts: Uniqlo/ Shoes: c/o ALDO/ Watch: c/o Kenneth Cole/ Cuff: c/o Giles & Brother/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker

FINALLY! After what felt like a month of intensive fashion boot camp, I made it to the last official day of fashion week. Though not without the weather turning into a complete sauna, with a high of 93 and a humidity level that stuck to you like the plague. I could not bare to wear anything more than what I was wearing, and even at that I was dying of sweat just by walking outside of the tents post Michael Kors. Luckily you can’t tell how much I am dying of heat exhaustion in these photos, but there was sweat shed in the name of these photos (which I almost didn’t shoot until kept getting compliments). I am glad they were taken so I could fully close the week with sharing every outfit I wore to NYFW this September season. It is a bittersweet ending to know the bootcamp is over and I’m back to New York reality, aka actually focusing on school again. Though I do have a few exciting announcements to share soon. Until then, thank you all for baring with my mass amounts of content over the past week, and for being such loyal readers! 

photographer: Natalie

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AOL Stylelist x NMRKT Runway Show

Location: Hudson Hotel

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaming up with AOL StyleList & NMRKT for a Spring 2014 runway show with 19 other influencers. In preparation for the show we did some fun recording, which if you live in New York you will have had the chance to see me in your taxi on Taxi TV.  My quick (less than) 15 seconds to cab fame was answering what my one word to describe fashion week was, “surreal”.  Though the real fun was seeing my runway look styled by myself with the help of Carlos Campos, Onassis, and Toms to dress my model in a beach appropriate spring 2014 look. Which was the best way to kick off my surreal moments of crazy yet fun fashion week that is now officially coming to a close for me.. till next season ya’ll! 

photographers: Serena, Gino DePinto/AOL, & myself

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Parsons MFA Fashion Show 

Location: Milk Studios
Designer: Min Lee

Min Lee presented her first menswear collection today at Milk Studios during MADE fashion week. Her collection was inspired by curtains, by how they are draped and how the light shines through them. This was clearly relevant on her 8 looks that offered subtle layers with exaggerated draping and some sheer lining shirt and jacket options that would be the interior lining of a curtain. The shoes were slippers to encompass her just out of bed look that she was aiming for, which was also seen in her model’s hair that was just cooly slicked back. Completing her first collection as a menswear designer, and hopefully kicking off her career as she now has her masters in design from Parson. All the best for Min Lee and the rest of the designers that presented today! 

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#NYFW Day 6

Blazer: c/o ASOS/ Shirt: c/o Buffalo David Bitton/ Cargos: c/o American Eagle/ Shoes: c/o ALDO/ Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Bracelet: J.Crew/ Sunglasses: Thrifted

ONE MORE DAY! Then the running around, pushing out mass amounts of content, and (sadly) the partying is over. Though the calm after the storm that is fashion week always feels so weird, it is a bitter sweet feeling as I’ve now run out of clothing options and the weather has been getting warm again. You can’t tell, but it was a humid mess on this day and I having a lovely sweat bath under that wool jacket. Though the attire was appropriate the weather wasn’t and didn’t fair in my favor, but at least 6 out of 8 days worked out.

Photographer: Adam

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Meet Min Lee of Parson MFA Design Program

Location: Parson’s Studio on 42nd Street

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Min Lee, a senior at Parsons who is the only menswear designer for their masters degree program that helps launch their career. Read more about her and her process leading up to her collections debut at Milk Studios today.

Where from?
South Korea in Seoul and been in states for 8 years and moved here to Rogan (men’s and women’s denim focused) was there for three years. Been at Parsons for two years to get full-time masters in fashion design in society.

Why menswear?
Great opportunity for myself, and thought as a women to design men’s was a great time to design in a growing market. Interest grows as there is a lot of room to grow and feel can bring something fresh. Can pull ideas from women’s background to create for menswear vision.

What was your collections inspiration?
Related to how the curtain was and relate the man to how the draping. Define men with soft and romantic moments that are given by the curtain metaphors.

How does it feel to present collection?
It is really amazing! It’s so exciting knowing that it is to be presenting at milk studios, the space defines the collection in a way. A good opportunity presents like I am able to make everything from the beginning to the end. Like having a small company for each one of us, opposed to being limited. Very exciting because I am the only menswear designer this year, so get to decide on hair and makeup.

How has the process been leading up to this debut?
The process has been very hands on and has given me a lot of opportunities that are given with being in Parson’s MFA program that allows me to reach out to textile companies I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Started research last summer and did a little fabric development, my inspiration was the curtain. A sheer transparent curtain to see how the blur over window, metaphor and layers. First focus on how a curtain has been made, from there understood how fabric works. Reach out to company to decide, the companies then give for free or big discount. Them start to work on the shape into to develop more into a bigger scale. The most important is to understand the material. Once find a fabric that feel comfortable with then moved onto the body. January/ February started to drape on the body and started the fitting. By the end of May finished the most of looks and submitted into exhibition for stylist and professor to edit for our final runway show. During the summer spent time freelance work, but was still editing and was able to add three more looks. Though I was really done at the end of May and have been graduated since. We only came back to the studio two weeks ago to start preparing for our closing show.

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