Skinny Jeans for Back to School Attire 

Don’t know what to wear back to school yet? Allow me and American Eagle help you, as I teamed up with them yet again for their back to school challenge in which I am the ambassador for their skinny jeans (obviously). Though as I put this look together, it hit me that I won’t have another first day of school again and as summer is coming to a close there isn’t that feeling of anxiety about starting another year. I’ve hit the point where I’m a 23 year old graduate from college, and am in the real world living in Europe (I didn’t see that coming 4 years ago!). Though with all that being said, I can still relate to the anxiety that comes with what to wear to the first day of school or should I say year long preparation in revamping your wardrobe for the new year. Either to create a “new” you (actually just a better version of you), or simply to add some new basics to your daily wardrobe. Either way, going back to school is a great excuse to bond with your parents while shopping or to bond with their credit card and your friends while searching for new pieces of clothing. ;) 

When I was selecting my outfit I thought of the essentials that one will need for a successful school year. These four pieces are: 

  1. Skinny jeans that can go with anything and even be turned into shorts during the summer months. 
  2. An efficient backpack, obviously. 
  3. Trendy sneakers for multiple outfit options. 
  4. Lastly, a hat for an added accessory touch to any outfit as well. 

With these four staples, one can create many outfits that’ll last them all year long. Now get out there, go shop, and have a wonderful year of education getting you closer to whatever your dream may be.


p.s. These photos were taken back in Berlin during one of their most hot and humid days, so please don’t mind my glistening face. ;P

Outfit Credits: 
Hat, Shirt, Backpack, Jeans, and Shoes: American Eagle (shoes collaborated with New Balance)/ Bracelet: Coach/ Cuff: Giles & Brother/ Watch: Smile Q&Q

photographer: Sara

This post is in collaboration with American Eagle, though the views expressed and photos are my own.

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