Transitional Coachella Attire

Shirt: Guess/ Tank: Vans/ Shorts: French Connection/ Shoes: Sperry’s/ Bracelet: Coach + Philip CrangiBracelet: Men in Cities/ Cuff: George Frost / Sunglasses: Warby Parker/ Watch: 1 Face

After my first day at Coachella on Friday, I learned first hand that the field is a desert in true form. Going from extreme heats during the day, to really cold lows during the night, which is not acceptable for shorts and tank-top weather (I froze the entire walk back to my campsite). Planning for day two, I knew better and decided to work on layers that would be easy to take on and off. Which is where my button down came into play, perfect to protect from the sun, easy enough to take off when got hot and wrap around my waist, and then great to keep me warm when I got cold a night. Because honestly, functionality is key to surviving Coachella for the long haul! 

As for the music, Saturday was so much fun! I saw Skrillex and Zedd perform live in the Sahara tent. Hands down my favorite tent at Coachella; the lights, the music, the experience! You don’t wanna miss this tent for house music if you’ve never been! Though there was a dust storm on Saturday, I was luckily prepared with a handy bandana (not photographed), which is also another great accessory to have for soacking in ice cold water and wrapping around your neck or face when the heat becomes too much. Now if only I was going back for weekend two!

photographer: Anoop

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