Snow Day at Belvedere Castle

Jacket: Zara/ Shirt: Club Monaco/ Undershirt: Topman/ Sweats: ASOS/ Shoes: Cole Haan/ Bracelet: George Frost

While yesterday may have been the coldest day of the year so far, just the other day when Hercules hit I also made my way to Central Park. Though my friend says he doesn’t play in snow, only poses. I couldn’t pass up visiting the park while it was covered in snow, though I wasn’t layered up enough to stay outside longer than an hour. It was still fun to be cozy and enjoy what is what I think the most beautiful part of New York in the snow. Especially since there are so many hills perfect for sledding down, that will be my goal next snow day. Oh, and wearing warmer layers to stay outside longer. 

photographer: mac

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