Holiday Gift Guide: Casual State of Dressing

Jacket: Kenneth Cole/ Sweater: Kenneth Cole/ Jeans: Kenneth Cole/ Shoes: Kenneth Cole/ Scarf: Kenneth Cole/ Watch: Kenneth Cole/ Bracelet: Kenneth Cole/ Beanie: Kenneth Cole/ Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole/ Shirt: Mack Weldon

Happy December! My favorite month of the year; a time when the weather cools down, everyone becomes more cheerful (for the most part), we get to wear cozy christmas sweaters, and most importantly is Christmas (or Hanukkah ) of course! This week I have teamed up with Kenneth Cole and Details magazine to bring you three looks from Kenneth Cole’s Holiday Gift Guide. These three looks encompass pretty much every and any guys daily situations from casual clothing such as today’s post to guys on the go or to guys out on the town that will come up later this week. Today’s outfit is personally one of my favorites, from my first pair of high top sneakers to sick leather jacket that had me drooling when I first saw it, to my new favorite slouchy beanie that goes with pretty much everything. These options are for pretty much anyone on your current gifting list or to add to your own personal wish list. So here’s to 24 more days until Christmas! 

photographer: my sister

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kenneth Cole

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