AOL Stylelist x NMRKT Runway Show

Location: Hudson Hotel

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of teaming up with AOL StyleList & NMRKT for a Spring 2014 runway show with 19 other influencers. In preparation for the show we did some fun recording, which if you live in New York you will have had the chance to see me in your taxi on Taxi TV.  My quick (less than) 15 seconds to cab fame was answering what my one word to describe fashion week was, “surreal”.  Though the real fun was seeing my runway look styled by myself with the help of Carlos Campos, Onassis, and Toms to dress my model in a beach appropriate spring 2014 look. Which was the best way to kick off my surreal moments of crazy yet fun fashion week that is now officially coming to a close for me.. till next season ya’ll! 

photographers: Serena, Gino DePinto/AOL, & myself

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