Tumblr & Sony Pre-Fashion Week Breakfast

Instagram Photo credit: 1. Ryan 2. Sara 3. Rachel 4. Nicole 5. Miguel 6. Me 7. Ryan 8. Miguel 9. Noah

Incase some of you ever wonder how much prep actually goes into each fashion week, the answer is A LOT. Exhibit A (photos above) preparing for something that is still a month away, but has secretly been in the works since February. Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of joining 19 of my other friends who have worked with Tumblr on their fashion week program in the past 5 plus seasons. Together we were all reached out by Valentine, Tumblr’s always creative fashion evangelist. None of us knew who else was selected until yesterday morning, but what we did know is that we’d be apart of tumblr’s first ever fashion photo exhibit open at Milk during New York Fashion Week. That we’d be paired with a fashion personality, magazine, or a house for a creative apprenticeship to collaborate on. The time limit would last a few hours, few days, or few weeks, and that Sony would be providing support. Little did we know they’d be providing us with their newest Nex-5R, DSLR approved camera and Xperia tablet Z - which also happens to be waterproof! We still don’t know who our co-creators will be yet, so stay tuned for updates along this month long journey to fashion week. 

Thank you Tumblr and Sony! 

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