Tropical Nation

Shirt: c/o Nifty Thrifty/ Tank-top: c/o American Eagle/ Shorts: c/o American Eagle/ Shoes: c/o ASOS/ Cuff: c/o Giles & Brother/ Bracelet: c/o American Eagle/ Watch: Target/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker

WOW! How one weekend can be so diverse, from monuments to a festival to the capital of USA. Yet today the weather was the best I have experienced all Spring, and of course with such great weather I couldn’t pass up another short short situation with yet another tropical shirt (can you guess I love the beach?). Completed with a bike rental, I rode up and down DC enjoying each historic location like the nerd I secretly am. Finishing my three day DC getaway with a bang! 

photographer: Adam

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NiftyThrifty - Blue Hawaiian Shirt / Own This ~ $45.00

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